Free Internet System for the Poppen that cost me
             over $2,942 Dollars to install.

Below are the receipts for the antennas and transmitters and tower expenses. The Installation of the system was personally monitored by Blase Furfaro, a licensed Radio person in the United States and in Mexico.


Here are more of the receipts for the antennas and transmitters. The tower system was built and installed by Manuel at a cost of 5000 pesos $384.62 Dollars for labor $13,392.36 pesos for steel material and the winch to raise the tower cost $167 Dollars. If you add everything up to $2960.53 Dollars.


$167 Dollars.


The Steel Tower 13,392.36 pesos or $1,030.18 Dollars the antennas cost $942.50 Dollars for a total of $1972.68. below the labor at a value of 5,000 pesos or 384.62 and transmitters at a value of 436.23 The winch to raise the tower of 167 Dollars


More Engenius transmitters


Engenius transmitters and Alonzo Dominguez contribution



Problems with the Poppen's at the Sand Castle
Not paid for 21 months
Stole My Trailer
Stole Internet equipment
Wep Page Not apreciated
no charge back rentals
6 years not apreciated
Free resoirvoir not appreciated
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