Here is part of the website given to the Poppen's FREE
of charge later they wanted me to give them the website
       including the airplane flights in exchange for
   their illegal $7 Dollar a month Direct TV. Read Below

Here is the first free flight I made for the Poppen's for the Web. The tide was low and I decided to make another free flight when the tide was high shown below.

Here is a flight made without billing for the Poppen's for advertizing on the internet. This is the second flight I made when the tide was high for better pictures.

Below are some of the bees I dealt with on a dozen occasions.

Below you will see and understand some about the Poppen. I spent hundreds of dollars every month on the internet for them and they feel my efforts were worth $7 dollars or the same as they paid for an illegal Direct TV system like the one they put the Sand Castle.

Problemas with the Poppen in the Sand Castle
Not Paid for 21 Months
Stole my Trailer
Stole equipment Internet
Web Page not appreciated
No charge back on rentals Free Reservoir not appreciated
Latest News & Services
Poppen's attitude: I will steal everything loaned to me.
Below one of my former ads. Renters experience the luxury & Elegance of these very large Beachfront Accommodations. Ideal for Weddings, Reunions or just to party with your family and friends.  Discount rates available now. Free internet and a free USA phone not available in other locations at this time. It took my elaborate antenna system to get the signal to the Sand Castle
Peņasco Activities Center. We will schedule all of your activities land sea or air.

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