10 Free Services Granted to David Poppen he abused!!
Number "1"  SIX years with - NO - renter refund requests.

 Here are the services given for free to David Poppen because everything I do is done with a 200% effort so I can be proud of success. In this first case it was to perform with the renters so satisfaction was 100% with no refund requests unlike like the numerous previous contracted managers. I am proud to say there were no refund requests in 6 years. One afternoon I was in Mexicali with my family. My serviceman called me that the breaker controlling one circuit in the Sand Castle had turned off. The breaker was in a garage that I was told by David Poppen not to give anyone the Key. I then drove to the Sand Castle from Mexicali and back to Mexicali at no extra charge to solve this problem.

Number "2"   I paid for at my expense a 25 mile Internet
System To keep the Renters Happy with my Service.

The items paid for at my expense were part of that 200% effort that I never billed for. Here are the antennas I used for the Internet transmitting system. During this period of time there was no city Power, water, telephone lines or internet available DAVID POPPEN STOLE MY EQUIPMENT THE EQUIPMENT INSTALLED IN THE SAND CASTLE.

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Number "3"  I paid monthly for The TelMex
telephone line billing to be reimbursed.

If you look at each billing period including the one they paid as shown on the "Poppen email 8 month billing Paid" page you will see the expense of David calling his office in Phoenix.

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Number "4"  I paid for at my expense, I installed a
3,000 gallon emergency water reservoir at my house.

This reservoir was because many times during the summer months the city was out of water and would not fill the water truck. Since this was something that would upset the renters I would fill the truck from this resoirvoir alleviating the water problem. At my expense again I bought a large gasoline pump to fill the truck. Another Free Service that was NOT Appreciated.

Number "5"   I pre paid for all expenses from my pocket.
pocket now waiting for years to be reimbursed.

Look at the billing on the Poppen email. Here you see the itemized billing that they approved and paid. Notice the list of items that I paid and waited a year for payment. Now it is longer than that. All my attorneys say I was stupid to trust the Poppen's.

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Number "6"   When there was no live in caretaker I took
both responsibilities at no extra charge.

As you will see during the progress of this disaster there were several times there were live in daily caretakers. During the times there were not I did their work at no extra charge. In fact I made sure that the Sand Castle was in purfect condition for all renters. Several times at the end of the relationship David Poppen would be upset and mad that I did not rake his yard when he was alone in the complex late in 2009. To be honest making a special trip and spending hours raking the sand in front of his trailer was difficult because of the attitude of not paying me for the 21 months of work. He would always come to Peñasco driving his new Lincoln Continental with the Poppen license plate. Now he brings his new big Black $125,000 dollar motor home when I asked him to pay me he said he did not have the money. When the relationship was ending Linda Poppen told me "David can not pay you now because he is buying new batteries. Why did you not buy the new batteries for him.".I find asking me to spend thousands more for new batteries shows a callased lack of appreciation for my efforts

Number "7"   Loan the Poppen's a trailer I bought.
"He moved it outside of his property" to be "stolen".

The next quote is quoted from the Poppen email. "We moved your camper out of the compound so you could pick it up. I would suggest you get it soon as we are here to watch it. I know people sometimes steal stuff like that." Everyone including the Poppen,s realizes that when you borrow property you are responsible to return it. Somehow the King and Queen of the Sand Castle are acting above the law. We will see how the court here reacts to this attitude.  The law requires a safe return of items borrowed.

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Number "8"   Over $15,000 worth of items I took from them
at their inflated price because of their "Financial Hardship".

Go to the read more page to see the Details of this with a list of the Items and values. These items that were deducted from the previous 21 months of past billing. The truck I took did not have a title or license for six months.

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Number "9"   Free Airplane Flight to take AIR PHOTOS For
 advertizing and the WEB because of "Financial Hardship".

Here you see the living quarters of the poverty stricken Poppens.

Sand Castle Poppen ha tenido que vendió con sus vecinos por 5 millones de dólares. Un vecino quería 6 millones de dólares por su y se detuvo la venta.
Casa Poppen en Arrowhead Lakes en Arizona valu more than 7 millon dólares.
Poppen House in the summer vacationes in San Miguel.

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Number "10" I am friends with the government
      I got a 20% discount on his taxes.
       Watch I can get a 200% increase.
Problemas with the Poppen in the Sand Castle
Not Paid for 21 Months
Stole my Trailer
Stole equipment Internet
Web Page not appreciated
No charge back on rentals Free Reservoir not appreciated
Latest News & Services
Poppen's attitude: I will steal everything loaned to me.
Below one of my former ads. Renters experience the luxury & Elegance of these very large Beachfront Accommodations. Ideal for Weddings, Reunions or just to party with your family and friends.  Discount rates available now. Free internet and a free USA phone not available in other locations at this time. It took my elaborate antenna system to get the signal to the Sand Castle
Peñasco Activities Center. We will schedule all of your activities land sea or air.

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