List of Items to be given credit from next 2 billings.

Below is the list presented wih the billing of $5,467 dollars they paid. Here it showed that billing was to be $14,137 but with the monies I had received I deducted the amount from this billing. I have been told by many persons I was stupid not to keep the cash and deduct it from the final billing. I admitt I will never be duped into helping inconsiderate people like this again.

Below are the items that they wanted me to take at their requested pricing instead of cash payment and I agreed. The truck did not have a title for the first year and for more than a 7 month period I could not drive it because the license plate had expired and not having ownership David asked me to wait. The yellow golf cart I was promised ownership paperwork and when I did not receive paperwork I was forced to sell it at a reduced price of $800 dollars. The prime meats on the list were meat that David brought from his business to help him. My last two meetings with David poppen he yelled and screamed he would not pay me or talk with me about anything. I had recorded the last of the conversations with a witness because he took pride in being abusive and disrespectful for over a fifteen minute period both times. One of the things he would dwell on was the fact that when the Sand Castle was empty of renters and he was coming to Peņasco I would not rake the sand in front of his Quarters. Without paying me during that period also means he believes in slavery and that I was his slave. My rspect for the renters was always there but my respect for David was totally gone. It is my fault that I would let anyone take from and treat my family, wife and 3 kids this way.


Here is a picture of the Prime Meat and Seafood Company that David Poppen ownes. I bought the meat from him to help his business.

Problemas with the Poppen in the Sand Castle
Not Paid for 21 Months
Stole my Trailer
Stole equipment Internet
Web Page not appreciated
No charge back on rentals Free Reservoir not appreciated
Latest News & Services
Poppen's attitude: I will steal everything loaned to me.
Below one of my former ads. Renters experience the luxury & Elegance of these very large Beachfront Accommodations. Ideal for Weddings, Reunions or just to party with your family and friends.  Discount rates available now. Free internet and a free USA phone not available in other locations at this time. It took my elaborate antenna system to get the signal to the Sand Castle
Peņasco Activities Center. We will schedule all of your activities land sea or air.

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