Email explaining 8 month billing and monies received

Air Delivery with limo Transportation

This was on the original website and is what was available to Sand Castle customers and will be again when I am paid.

Also free wireless internet and a free US phone available before supplied by me free to David Poppen. David showed his appreciation for this by stealing a thousand dollars in signal transmitting and receiving equipment on the Sand Castle. The system also took 3 antennas 2 transmitters and a 100 foot tower at my house to transmit the signal on a hundred foot tower shown on the free services Page.

Email I received from Linda and David

We moved your camper out of the compound so you could pick it up. I would suggest you get it soon as we are here to watch it. I know people sometimes steal stuff like that. We would like to get our generator, welder, and my blue kayak back. If you prefer, we could have Lupe pick them up.. What happened to the carburetor off my gandchildren's small quad? There would have been no reason for it to be gone as it ran perfectly when they last used it You will need to cancel any rentals you have booked, as we can no longer deal with you stealing the rental money. I can't imagine that you would think we were going to do any more business together, so this should not be a surprise. Too bad it had to end like this, but it was your choice. I didn't realise we had to pay you to be our friend.
Linda and Dave Poppen

"Didn't realize we had to pay you to be our friend" In other words they think slavery is still in fashion and legal. Look at the      21 months not paid

On the other hand if you were interested in returning my trailer you would have me come to the Sand Castle Compound where it had been parked for over a year. It would have taken the same five minutes to hook up to it and leave. Or as David Poppen has told me now he bought the trailer so he would not want me to come to the Sand Castle and find it was gone. Within an hour of the time the email was sent to me I went to the Sand Castle it was not there and saw no tire prints showing anything had been parked outside within view of the Sand Castle.
Below is a billing David Poppen paid by check, therefore this billing they received with the explanation list above they approved. This was a billing for a 9 month period they approved and paid or at least gave me a check. Here you will see the billing for the Peņasco Phone line I had installed for them in my wife's name. The next item is for the telephone line installed in my house that I transmitted the internet to the Sand Castle 35 kilometers away using an antenna tower in my house with 2 antennas and an antenna system in the Sand castle that they stole. This transmission system was free to them at my expense. Pictures of this system are on the page of "free items" I regret doing this and the other 10 items on the list of free items. The rest of the items on the list showed that I paid the ongoing expenses out of my pocket. The attorneys that I have spoken with point out how trusting people like this was wrong. My experience however with high class people in the United States gave me great appreciation and bonuses. I seemed to have made a mistake thinking that David and Linda Poppen were of the same class. They make reference in their email that I received money from renters when they were gone. Well they were right and all monies I received were listed and reduced the billing from $14,137 by $8,670 to the $5,467 which they paid. The last rental money I received was $1400 dollars and is deducted from the last 21 month billing that they have refused to pay. They expected that I should have handed it to them in Cash and increases my losses.

Below is an exact copy of the billing they received and paid showing $8,670 in credits received which was over 50% of the bill. These credits are for all monies I received. Why would I give them credit on this bill if I was dishonest. They paid this bill of $5,467 by giving me a check. It has been explained by many I should have used the $8,670 as a deduction from the final bill and had them pay the full $14,137 at this time.

The only Question is I have here the check written for payment but it has never been cashable.

Problemas with the Poppen in the Sand Castle
Not Paid for 21 Months
Stole my Trailer
Stole equipment Internet
Web Page not appreciated
No charge back on rentals Free Reservoir not appreciated
Latest News & Services
Poppen's attitude: I will steal everything loaned to me.
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