Sand Castle Spacious Interior and Sleeping Arrangements

Below are some of the sleeping arrangements. There are more rollaway beds so more options are available. Remember there is free wireless internet and the free US phone.

Master bedroom

Here are more bedrooms with twin and double beds.

We have the room for weddings, class reunions, birthday parties or office parties so bring friends and neighbors and with the amenities have the time of your life.

Accommodations for everyone

Most places you have to rent golf carts, kayaks, shuffleboards, Volleyball courts, and putting greens. Here it is all included.

Even the living room has sleeper sofas

Problems with the Poppen's at the Sand Castle
Not paid for 21 months
Stole My Trailer
Stole Internet equipment
Wep Page Not apreciated
no charge back rentals
6 years not apreciated
Free resoirvoir not appreciated
Latest News & Services
Renters experience the luxury & Elegance of these very large Beachfront Accommodations. Ideal for Weddings, Reunions or just to party with your family and friends.  Discount rates available now. Free internet and a free USA phone available at most locations.
Rocky Point Activities Center. We will schedule all of your activities land sea or air.

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